Ukulele Cases: Things You Must Consider Before You Buy

When considering buying a Ukulele, it is important to think about also purchasing a case alongside it. You may feel it not to be necessary, especially if you are buying a Ukulele at the cheaper end of the scale and that’s your prerogative, but if your instrument is going to be an investment and not just something you’re buying to dip your toe in the water with a view to upgrading if you decide the Ukulele is for you, it is essential that you buy a Ukulele case. This article will list some things to consider when looking at the wide array of choices out there and will hopefully help you on your way to making a choice about which Ukulele Case is right for you.

Ukulele Cases: Consider The Size

Size goes without saying in most cases. The job of all Ukulele Cases is to protect your instrument and that doesn’t simply mean from bumps dust or bangs. In order for your Ukulele to be protected your case must be of the right size and have a decent amount of padding and protection so that your Ukulele fits snugly and doesn’t rattle around. If you are purchasing a Concert Ukulele then you need to make sure you purchase a Concert Ukulele Case. A Concert Ukulele would be too big for a soprano Ukulele case and too small for a Baritone Ukulele Case.

However, never assume that your concert Ukulele will fit in a concert Ukulele case. I had to buy a Tenner Ukulele case for my concert Uke because of the style of its head stock. Mine has a slotted head stock a little like a classical guitar and therefor the head stock is slightly longer than that of a standard concert Uke. I didn’t even realise this was so until I tried out some cases. So, I had to buy a tenner Ukulele case but mine has moveable padding blocks that attach to the inside of the case with Velcro so although it’s slightly shorter, it doesn’t rattle around.

Ukulele Cases: Can You Spend Too Muchh

Yes, of course you can. If you only have an instrument that cost £50 or below, it’s likely you won’t want to spend the equivalent amount on its case. When looking at Ukulele cases, you need to ask yourself whether you could afford to replace your instrument if it got damaged. If you could, then while it would be a shame, it’s probably not worth spending hundreds of pounds on a Ukulele Case.

If, on the other hand, you have an instrument that you could not afford to replace immediately if your current one got damaged then a case is a worthwhile investment and something you should definitely consider.

Ukulele Cases: What Will You Do With Your Uke

When thinking about purchasing your Uke, you must have had some idea about what you wanted to do with it. Are you planning simply to get it out at home and learn to play, or maybe to take it out to parties at friends’ houses. If that is the case, a soft case would work just fine. It will protect your instrument from dust and dirt and any minor knocks it might experience when in yours or someone else’s home.

If you plan to be out and about in anything other than a domestic setting, you might want to consider a hard case. These will afford your Ukulele much more robust protection just in case the unthinkable happens. If something drops on it or it falls then you can rest assured your instrument is well protected.

Ukulele Cases: To Travel Or Not To Travel

If you plan to travel with your instrument, how will you do so? Do you have a car that you will use? If so, you might be okay with a soft Ukulele Case but if you have no option but to either travel on public transport or plan to take your instrument on an aeroplane then again, you might consider a hard case for the reason stated above.

What if you don’t drive? Well, I don’t and I also have a guide dog so one of my hands is taken up with holding onto the handle attached to her harness. In my case, I looked very carefully at what I could legitimately carry around with me without harming either myself or my Ukulele. For me, not only did I have to consider the protection of my Ukulele but also the method by which I could carry it. I chose a semi-hard case with about 20M of padding as this meant that it was light enough for me to carry but also robust enough that if I were on public transport or out of the domestic setting (I frequently am as I play in a local Ukulele Group and I also take it on travels on public transport), I could be safe in the knowledge that my instrument was protected. The cases I have for both of my ukuleles are soft padded ones but they have both carry handles and shoulder straps so that I can walk and carry them on my back as I would a backpack. This means that I still have free hands to operate buttons on road crossings or to open or shut doors.


As you can see, buying a case is something you need to really think long and hard about. there are a wide variety of Ukulele cases and they can be either hard or soft, with shoulder straps or without, cheap or expensive and your purchase can depend upon what you intend to do with your instrument, where you are going to store it, where you will play it and how you will transport it around. If you have any doubts, the most important advice I can give you is that you try out your instrument in its case to make sure it fits and to make sure you are happy with it.

If you have any questions or wish to share your experiences with purchasing Ukulele Cases then please comment below and I will do my best to respond or answer any queries you may have.


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